Monday, March 21, 2011

Brief note about engine modification

Ok, so as a few comments, and suggestions have wondered, i will make a post about modification.

so engines function is obviously to power the car, and essentially just move the wheels. (with a few side functions like heat, power ect.)

to keep it simple, will this improve my engine. will it help apply more pressure to the piston for a greater explosion? will it help everything run smoother, or with less resistance? will it make stuff last longer?

turbo's like i mentioned add more pressure to pistons aiding a greater explosion of fuel. you can purchase a turbo that is designed for an engine like yours, and fit it with no issues. this is a popular addition.

other things to consider is an exhaust to give less resistance to the engine, a better filter, or intake to give cleaner, or more air to the engine (one of the key components to burn fuel).

how about what gives the engine fuel? you could add a better fuel injector, or perhaps a new engine computer that is programmed for power instead of economy.

all in all filters, and intakes are a very good place to start. after that i would go for injectors, and components of such.

modern engines are controlled almost completely by an ECU, or the engines computer/brain.
if you want to maximize performance then this is not a place to skip. it controls when fuel is given, and how much is.

i am not very knowledgeable in the modification area, so i apologize if not all of this is completely accurate, or good advice.

how would everyone like to hear about suspension next? transmissions? any questions?
comment below!


  1. I think turbos are the best mods out of that list.

  2. nice post on basic engine modification.

  3. You really seem to know what youre talking about. I vote for transmissions for your next post.

  4. Wouldnt a lighter piston (less energy loss by inertia) increase power and mpg?

    like titanium or some shit xD

    I vote rotary engine, no reciprocation energy loss at all

  5. with a lightweight piston you often sacrifice stregnth, and when you are having something exploding on it many times a second, stregnth is nessesary. rotary engines burn very dirty, and they have a very high RPM cabability, with alot of power...but they are dirty engines.

    pistons also, if you look to where they are connected to the crank shaft, spin on some sort of round movement to minimize inertia loss.

  6. That's a good list of basic concepts. Maybe you can pick on each one by it's own and expand them on further posts

  7. Nice post, very informative! Following!

  8. wow o_O so many things i don't know...

  9. Well my man... Can it be dangerous?

  10. This blog is good because I know next to nothing about cars. Hooray! Following

  11. Could you perhaps write a post about the effect that octane has on the engine?

    I worked at a gas station for months and I had no idea what to tell the customers if they asked me the difference between euro 95 and euro 98!


  12. Didnt know thoses things, and yet I'm supposed to be aware of this in my studies... followd !

  13. do you do any work on motorcycles?